Shop Rides

All of our Shop Rides are intended for new, intermediate and advanced road cyclists. Before joining these rides you should already have the general skills required to ride the roads safely with car traffic. B group rides range from 35 to 45 miles over rolling terrain.

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2 to 2.5 hour ride


“B” Group Riders


“A” Group Riders


2 to 2.5 hour ride


“A and B” Group Riders

All riders roll out the same time but may break into different groups depending on pace. The “B” group ride ambassador will be in the second group so make sure you know what group you’re with so you don’t get lost.


Intermediate MTB Ride

1st and 3rd Thursday of every month

The “A” group ride is usually a 40 to 50 mile course at a 20+ average pace. This group is for advanced riders with good pace line skills. If you’re new to this group please take a minute to introduce yourself before jumping in the pace line. They’ll welcome you and give you some quick pointers that will hopefully keep you and everyone else safe. If you can’t hang you’ll need to know your way home.


The “B” group ride is a “No Drop” ride. One of our ride ambassadors will make every effort to see you don’t get lost.

Call the shop for any additional info:


Women's Ride Series

The Cycology Women's Ride Series (CWRS) is the premier women's cycling program in the region, supporting women in getting more involved with cycling. Beginning April 7th, the series combines 26 Saturdays of morning clinics and rides to help women gain comfort and confidence in riding on road or trail.


April - September (26 weeks)


through Memorial Weekend


June - September


$30.00 + Tax per person

Cost covers the entire season (26 weeks)

Register at Cycology Bicycles

Register for the CWRS and:

• Meet other women cyclists at your skill level and pace

• Improve your fitness and cycling performance

• Participate in one of two beginner group classes, April and July

• Learn from cycling and sports medicine experts who lead clinics in conjunction with rides

• Enjoy clinics for both road and mountain cyclists

• Participate in mid-season repeats of popular clinics

• Join one of four distinct no-drop pace groups (with distances for A, B, C and beginner groups) and learn from experienced ride leaders

• Earn a Certificate of Completion and get your registration cost towards your next purchase

• Ride participation and achievement awards

• Take advantage of two free bike demo opportunities

• Have the opportunity to purchase CWRS apparel (jerseys, shorts, arm warmers, jackets, etc.)

• Enjoy regular Ladies Night Outs and pot lucks to learn how others are enjoying their season

Registration forms are in the shop; sign up at the front desk!


Contact Jackie Taylor for more information:

Clinics cover: Maintenance, changing flats, proper bicycle fit, Blount County’s best bike routes, group riding, staying injury-free, nutrition and hydration, bike law and advocacy, group riding, and more. Clinics also available upon request.